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Who knew three-letter .moe domains weren’t considered premium and therefore didn’t have premium pricing? Nevermind the fact they were still available. Badass.

Anyway, we’ll be posting updates, season picks (if any,) release posts and other random stuff on our site now. Hopefully we won’t get DMCA’d. Our server doesn’t fall under US jurisdiction but hey, you never know. The below is mostly tl;dr about stuff nobody cares about. I tend to write those a lot.


Uh, OK, so a little about us. PAS, acronym for Post Apocalyptic Subs (/Subbers,) was founded by two former fansubbers whose home group was EveTaku. We’re not actually new to this scene. I (KoolKidsK, also the main spokesperson of the group) have been fansubbing since like Spring of 2011 and have subbed for the likes of Anime-Destiny, EveTaku/NyanTaku, Kaylith and I think Caffeine? Along with maybe some random groups as a guest for one-off things too. We have long-time buddies and connections with people in other, more established groups. If you ever read our torrent descriptions, you’d find our buddies from more established groups have helped out in some form or another from stuff like providing us caps, to kfx, to just lending us their ears when we can’t entirely hear a line. We’re eternally bros for life.

Other than that, uh, that’s about it. We’re releasing Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji  (internally dubbed ‘teacher hots’) weekly along with PJ Berri/Parappa S2. They’re both original translations since they’re not being subbed officially. We do BDs as side projects too. We intend to keep the group super close-knit and don’t plan on taking on too many projects at once so we’re not really recruiting. Mostly because we just do this in our free time of which we have relatively little of but also partially because we want to do stuff outside of fansubbing. That said, if you’re a translator or just someone capable of translating Japanese accurately and are thinking about joining the fansub scene, do hit us up! We really don’t see ourselves doing an airing series next season otherwise. Keep in mind you’d probably be tested by one of our tl friends unless you can give us previous work you’ve done or have people from established groups who can vouch for you. We’d mostly work on series that go unsubbed (or latecasted) or have shitty official translations beyond saving, though we’d consider doing TLC edits if the script isn’t entirely terrible but still bad enough to need TLC. Oh, and contrary to what one might assume, we don’t just do ecchi/r18 series. We just do them because they’re not being subbed officially and our one translator doesn’t have time to do a full-length series.


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