Soba e – OVA (ONA?)

Surprise OVA release! Two minutes and 45 seconds of beautiful Orange animation. It’s honestly a crime that it was only ever uploaded to YouTube though. If someone had told us Orange did an OVA/ONA sooner, we would’ve got this done like day one probably. It’s super cute.
New Houseki manga chapter comes out tomorrow along with Drop Mars airing.
Beastars airs in October! I haven’t gotten confirmation if Myaa wants to sub it yet but he’ll make a decision once some more PVs come out closer to release. Looking for a translator interested in it if it gets no English subs with the JP simulcast if Myaa ends up not wanting to do it (or even a TLC for Myaa if he does it!). Hit us up on IRC or KoolKidsK#8146 if interested.
XDCC available on IRC
TL: KoolKidsK (lol)
TLC: Myaamori
TS: Hybrid (title), KoolKidsK (cell phones)
Time: KoolKidsK
QC: KoolKidsK
Special thanks to QQwerty for working out a nice way to deal with the pun of the title