Penguin Highway – Movie [v2]

Wake me up when 2020’s over.
Happy New Year too btw
Expect another movie real soon. It’s been in the pipeline for ages. (for the last time, stop waiting for Pancreas v1, it’s probably never coming, no, it’s not Pancreas)
Waited until the Italian BD came out only to find out it was the exact same video stream that was in the JP BD but with added Italian subs and dub, or so it seemed. New encode to fix an issue in the credits that probably nobody cares about. Subs are v2’d to fix typos that were pointed out in the v1. They should’ve all been fixed as they were pointed out in our git but in case there are more or any we missed, let us know and we’ll v3 (aaaaa)
XDCC soon enough

Penguin Highway – Movie

This isn’t a doggo but it’s fine too.
It really took us six months after Myaa translated it in like 36 hours. Fuck.
If anything goes wrong, blame sleepy K3 and expect a v2 patch later.
Included is 5.1 audio (default), 2.0 audio and commentary.
If the Italian BD ever goes up, there might be a v2 release with an encode based off it if it’s better than the JP BD, along with smaller fixes if anything is found that isn’t really important.
XDCC available on IRC when k3 finally goes to sleep and wakes up
TL: Myaamori
TLC: Unbased
Edit: QQwerty
Timing: wrd
Song Styling: Myaamori
Typesetting: N4O, Alen (laboratory sign, everything else was N4O)
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: 堕落, wrd