Magical Girl Site – Vol. 2 [BD]

As said in the recent post, Himitsu is no longer involved with this project and I will be continuing it with our terminology and subbing practices that were put in place by Himitsu.
This volume covers the final episodes Himitsu has touched. The remaining volumes will be everything you’ve come to expect from previous releases minus the fact there won’t  be any editing or TLC done to the script outside of consistent terminology and naming practices.
The project no longer has an editor/TLC. The tag will remain [PAS], mainly for consistency and the fact it wouldn’t be allowed on Anime-Bytes if part of the series were under [PAS] and another part of it under [PAR] as far as I understand.
I have contacted the current scanlation group and, pending an answer from the group’s typesetter, the BD manga volumes will be released through them at some point, with me cleaning and providing raws. Again, pending an answer from their typesetter. I’ll try to keep you updated.
Work’s gonna leave me pretty busy for the next month or so and I’m scene filtering the BDs on top of having to time and ts from scratch 06+ which can take quite a bit of time, but hopefully I’ll be able to give you more soon. Just going to go by volume.

Magical Girl Site – 01 [BD]

Get ready for higher quality EDGE!
Our BDs came in! Here’s the first episode. Descaled to native res with 4:4:4, completely scene filtered and batch scripts. OP/ED updated to official lyrics, consistent terminology and I believe the editor/tlc quickly went over the script. Future releases will be by volume. Here are the touch ups/changes I was able to find. There may be more but I wouldn’t know. Lemme know if you find any others. Other than that, the main overall difference is that there’s more grain and very, very, very fine details were better kept and I tried my best to keep both of those in the encode.
The BD volumes come with (I believe) eight page original comics which we intend to scanlate, but no promises on that.
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Magical Girl Site – 04

Holy shit, I’m so happy I can finally give this to you guys!
Based Himitsu editing this on their sickbed. 05 in the works but editor/tlc still sick and recovering (and a tad bit feeling lazy not of the state of mind to edit)
Piano no Mori’s coming. Refer to previous post. We don’t have our v3 cap yet. No eta on that, but trust me. If I could get it out already, I would.
EDIT: Forgot to mention, the full email/text message/whatever on dude’s phone will probably be done for BDs. (oh, and yes, we’re doing them. vols 01 and 02 already preordered)
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Magical Girl Site Update (also pls give Junji Ito DVD volume 2)

So, my class is over with and Himitsu’s back from vacation buuuut they’re now recovering from medical complications. Welp. I actually don’t know how long this will last. In the meantime, I’m doing everything on my end of the workload, so when they’re able to edit, they can and afterwords I can immediately QC and release. Other than that, I’m now working minimum 40 hours a week Tuesday-Saturday, so future MGS episodes might be delayed a bit if/when we catch up. Not sure how bad the delay would be yet though. Piano no Mori should be unaffected because it airs on Sunday when I don’t have work.
Also, if you happened to have bought the second Junji Ito DVD volume, get in touch with us as it comes with the OVA that we plan on subbing. Thanks.

Magical Girl Site – 03

Top qt 3.14!
Sorry for the delay. Shit happens. ED2 and insert translated. ED2 tled from official lyrics.
I’m really curious if the new ED is just for this episode or if they’re going to reuse it.
Also, there’s apparently an entire character song album in addition to the OST that’s going to be sold so I wonder if they’ll continue to slip in teasers from it throughout the series. God I hope not.
EDIT: forgot to mention. Little terminology change. We’re now calling the magic “stick” a magic wand. Previous episodes will be changed to reflect this decision for the end of series batch.
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Magical Girl Site – 01

Get ready for EDGE!
Video is partially scene filtered Amazon h264 merged with Amazon h265 edges. Fancy!
So uh, this episode was edited and TLCed but I’m not sure what next week will be.
Delays brought to you by typical first episode kinks (song tl, styling, making guidelines, figuring out workflow, etc) on top of me being a riajuu for a whole four hours.
Himitsu told me they were just doing song tl, but, upon uploading song tl scripts, told me they had “accidentally” edited/tlced the entire episode on top of tling signs that Amazon didn’t translate. No idea if they intend to do the same going forward, but the tag will be changed to [PAR] (Post Apocalyptic Raws) or something if they don’t intend to keep it up.
patch for fonts
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