Hakumei to Mikochi – Batch [MTBB-PAS]

Here’s this. Joint with MTBB. Motbob/MTBB plans on doing BDs and the OVA and I have no idea if we (PAS) are contributing to that.
Encoding: KoolKidsK
TL (dialogue): Wakanim et al.
TL (songs): 秘密, Unbased
TLC: Unbased
Everything else: motbob
Special Thanks: Nala_Alan
XDCC: !hakumei## (eg !hakumei01) (triggers not yet updated for batch v2s)

Hakumei to Mikochi – 06 [MTBB-PAS]

Tfw all that studying only to get a 72. Aw well, still a like 20-30 point improvement from last time and actually passing.
P.S. I’m told coming up soon is more Made in Abyss BDs. Will that actually be true? We’ll find out! himitsuplscomethru (also secret OVA project still at TS, Govna plssss)
XDCC Trigger: !hakumei06

Hakumei to Mikochi – 04-05 [MTBB-PAS]

Quick release post because I’m busy and have no time for this. 04’s been out since last week but I’ve been too busy to make a post and put it on XDCC but it’s there now.
Motbob covered encoding this week because I was too busy. Words cannot explain how grateful I am of how understanding he’s been.
Picking up anything this season while I fight my way through Calc II for the second time was a terrible mistake on my part.
Next season will probably be spent not picking anything up and instead finishing what’s left of Junji Ito that we don’t get to this season, assuming I don’t find time to get caught up and stay caught up. I’m very sorry and this is all my fault.
We have a surprise OVA and Houseki no Kuni Ch46 in the pipeline that’s been stalled at people that’s not me since before I got so busy, so hopefully those’ll see the light of day real soon.
04 –Torrent
05 – Torrent
XDCC Triggers: !hakumei04, !hakumei05

Hakumei to Mikochi – 03 [MTBB-PAS]

v1 when I get an Amazon.co.jp rip. This is just Sentai 1080p’s video.
Link and XDCC trigger updated for v1.
Also if you didn’t see in the sidebar and couldn’t tell by the fact it’s not out yet, Junji’s being delayed. Delay brought to you by calculus. Fuck calculus. No eta.
XDCC Trigger: !hakumei03

Hakumei to Mikochi – 01 [MTBB-PAS]

This show’s comfy as fuck.
Surprise pickup joint with our friends at MTBB!
Video is sourced from Wakanim and dehardsubbed with Amazon.co.jp web-dl. Looks a bit better than Sentai and smaller size to boot! Audio’s E-AC-3 from Amazon.co.jp web-dl.
Next week should be faster because this actually wasn’t planned and now we have the first episode kinks worked out. (besides the OP which we didn’t get this episode)
XDCC Trigger: !hakumei01
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