Look, Ma! I fixed the site!

Site back up, whoops. Not dead yet!
Two things in the pipeline. Who knows when they’ll see the light of day. Don’t ask for updates on anything because I don’t know. I basically haven’t touched anything or kept up with anything since right after Beastars finished airing. Nothing’s changed from the last time I gave an update on anything, probably. I got a nice job IRL lined up and things are going pretty well and I just don’t see the need or have the desire for fansubbing at the moment.

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  1. Nice to see the site back up! Understand on the fansubbing thing, most shows get subbed or get a group on them. Beasters was on of those that really needed PAS on it and it was awesome having that every week. Hope IRL life stuff and things go well. Maybe we will see you again for Beaster S3 whenever that is.

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