Beastars S2 – 13

We back, bayyybeeee!
If you wish to see a faster release, please help us typeset this show. We cannot promise a faster release until we get either a main typesetter who will do all or most of the signs, or more typesetters who will take a couple signs each as we already have. Our typesetter from season one had to back out the day of due to unforeseen circumstances so we had to scramble to find people to take his place. We were able to scrounge up four typesetters but they all wanted to be backup typesetters; not one of them wanted to be the main typesetter. Send examples of previous work to KoolKidsK#8146 on Discord, #pa-subs in Rizon, or [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with you. Typesetters who know how to use AI would be fantastic. Please help us save this anime.
Now that the ad’s out of the way, we have another thing or two in the pipeline too that won’t detract from our subbing of Beastars. Look forward to seeing that eventually.
Big thanks to LightArrowsEXE for filling in for joletb for song styling, and to all the typesetters who helped fill joletb’s role. Words cannot describe how thankful we are for them.
TL: Myaamori
Edit: rcombs
TLC: Unbased
TS: KazuyaShuu, tehshower, Pikminiman, Hybrid, Myaamori, KoolKidsK
Time: TsUNaMy WaVe
Encode: KoolKidsK
Song Styling: LightArrowsEXE
QC: Pikminiman
XDCC eventually


  1. so glad i set up an rss feed. I didn’t check your blog for a minute. anyways, thank you so much for picking this up and pulling a release off so fast! i hope you’ll find the help you need.

  2. not to be a pain in the ass, but do you really absolutely need to have absolute numbering in the tags? it’s a total pain in the ass for plex users. i know there’s no reason to change it for a single person, but what’s the point of it anyway? thank you very much for the subs regardless!

    1. It was like that on Netflix and also the listing on fujitv’s timetable, so we went with it. Looks weird to me too, but this is apparently “official”.

      1. @rcombs thanks I didn’t know that was an option. it doesn’t really work though… it just added the file as an thirteenth episode to the first season.

  3. Hell yeah baby! PAS is back! So happy you guys are doing this!
    I wish I could lend my support, but unfortunately I do not know any Japanese.
    I hope and pray a speedy and efficient success for you all! Thank you!

    1. Also, if there is any way I can donate, I would most definitely like to be a patron. I know this is hard work for you guys and are a professional studio. Anything I can do to support please let me know.

      1. We don’t take donations and probably never will. Mixing money and fansubbing opens a huge can of worms.

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