Baja no Studio v2 & Baja no Studio: Baja no Mita Umi

The promised PAS content you never knew you were waiting for. More hopefully soon.
If you’re in the US, please consider supporting KyoAni via their official international online shop.
Baja no Studio v2 contains a TLC pass by Myaa, another editing pass by lann and revamped ts by Myaa and Alen.
Baja no Mita Umi Staff:
TL: Myaamori
Edit: Lann
TS: Alen, Myaamori
Time: Myaamori
Encode: KoolKidsK
Song Styling: Colgatto
QC: KoolKidsK
Torrent (Baja no Studio v2)
Torrent (Baja no Studio: Baja no Mita Umi)
XDCC eventually


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