Ni no Kuni – Movie [PAR]

Absolutely zero effort besides the encode.
Styled TPP’d Netflix translation slapped onto a BD encode. Literally nothing more.
I wanted to watch this movie so I bought the BD. This’ll probably make a good base for someone to come in and edit/tlc, typeset the like three signs and style/translate the ED.
You’re given my express permission to re-use any part of this release for your fansub.
As for the BD’s mastering: fucked chroma aside (which was taken from Netflix,) it’s pretty good. Some light noise and a small tad bit of banding but that was it, if I remember correctly.
Original Script: Netflix
Encode: KoolKidsK
“QC”: KoolKidsK
XDCC sometime later probably


    1. My job stopped handing out overtime like candy so I actually have time to work on backlog stuff for the time being. Next up for backlog’s probably going to be Starlight Vol.2 or maybe Houseki Vol.2.

      1. Any chance of the Parappa the Rapper/PJ Berri raws being released? Even just any transport streams you have would be appreciated.

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