State of the Group (plans) – Fall 2019 Edition

Carole & Tuesday is quickly wrapping up and that means it’s time yet again for K3 to babble on about stuff that could probably be summed up in a sentence or two.
Carole & Tuesday was and is PAS’s smoothest weekly project to date, and it’s all thanks to the very competent staff and friends from other groups who sacrificed their time and even moved sleep schedules around to fit subbing it. It’s been a wild ride and each week that goes by, we’re more and more amazed and in awe that we’ve been able to keep such consistent release time frames, no matter how many things come up and get in the way. It’s basically unheard of for an original translation in 2019. We hope you’re enjoying watching it at least as much as we’re enjoying subbing it!
To the surprise of probably no-one since we’ve had our hand in everything the studio’s ever done solo in one way or another, we’re planning on doing Beastars next season assuming either:

  1. There’s no English simulcast on Netflix JP
  2. If there is a simulcast, if the subs are awful or could be improved significantly

We’ve got a full staff lineup raring to go in case it needs saving from Netflix; however, we can’t guarantee the release times will be as consistent or as fast as Carole & Tuesday.
As for other projects, assume nothing has changed from the previous posts until further notice. We just don’t have time to work on or have the will to work on anything else at the moment.
See you in another post next season!

Carole & Tuesday – 22

Big thanks to wrd coming through and timing the second half with no advanced notice because k3 fucked up the audio on the workraw. We really thought we’d lose our <24hr release time streak this week!
End of season plans post going up soon-ish, probably.
on XDCC available on IRC sooner or later
TL: Myaamori
TLC: kumo8
Edit: Lann
Timing: Alen (first half), wrd (second half)
Song Styling: colgatto
“Typesetting”: Myaamori (lol)
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: QQwerty

Carole & Tuesday – 20

The perceptive of you will have noticed that the spellings of some names in our subtitles for this show have been in flux, and also that the spellings don’t always match what you’ll find on the English version of the official website. The reason for this is twofold: (1) We are often forced to guess spellings in lieu of official spellings (in-show or otherwise), meaning we have to change it if the official spelling is revealed later; and (2) the people responsible for the English-language version of the official website (and by extension presumably those in charge of the C&T Instagram account) don’t actually know what they’re doing.
I’m sure you all understand why (1) would be an issue, while (2) might raise some eyebrows. The reason we have come to this conclusion is that the English-language version of the official website has on multiple occasions contradicted the actual show. For some concrete examples, take the fact that the description of the fifth episode still spells Höfner as Hefner, despite the name being clearly visible on his office building (you can’t miss it), them originally spelling Amer as Amel (seems to be fixed now), or them even getting Cybelle’s gender wrong initially (also fixed).
What this means is that we will only take spellings shown in the show, or on the Japanese version of the official website, as official. In other cases, or where official sources contradict themselves, we will try to go with what makes more sense. Thus, we will use e.g. Höfner (not Hefner), Amer (not Amel), and Ziggy (not Giggy; likely a David Bowie reference). For the batch you’ll probably also see us use Herschel rather than Herschell or Hershell, since it is almost certainly named after the real-life crater on Mars (the show actually contradicts itself here).
on XDCC available on IRC sooner or later
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Penguin Highway – Movie

This isn’t a doggo but it’s fine too.
It really took us six months after Myaa translated it in like 36 hours. Fuck.
If anything goes wrong, blame sleepy K3 and expect a v2 patch later.
Included is 5.1 audio (default), 2.0 audio and commentary.
If the Italian BD ever goes up, there might be a v2 release with an encode based off it if it’s better than the JP BD, along with smaller fixes if anything is found that isn’t really important.
XDCC available on IRC when k3 finally goes to sleep and wakes up
TL: Myaamori
TLC: Unbased
Edit: QQwerty
Timing: wrd
Song Styling: Myaamori
Typesetting: N4O, Alen (laboratory sign, everything else was N4O)
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: 堕落, wrd

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight – Vol.1 [BD] [Chyuu-PAS]

Sorry it’s not the BD release you might’ve been expecting, but oh well.
Penguin Highway QC-kun tells us he’s almost done and that he’ll finish today because he has the day off, so HOPEFULLY he comes through.
Now has dual tracks. No honorifics with language flag eng default with the secondary honorifics track on enm. Have your player prioritize enm to have the honorifics track play by default if you want them.
Let us know if you find anything and we’ll fix for the batch BD release. This has some updated TS and superior video to our TV release, along with some additional batch fixes that we were told about and an additional QC pass.
Now for the nerd shit: this series is animated at a variable resolution, usually somewhere between 844p and 849p or something but I’ve also seen some outliers a little lower and a little higher. The upscale from the studio is hot garbage. To remedy this, I was provided with a script from my buddy kageru that tests the native res of each frame and descales to the one with the lowest relative error and then reupscales to 1080p with a superior resizing algorithm, or leaves the default 1080p scaling from the studio if the error’s too high. That also dealt with some of the aliasing present. Other than that, light denoise and deband. Some of the scenes probably needed an actual degrain (the revues come to mind or anything that’s really dark) but my encoding server couldn’t handle doing that on top of everything else in the script (plus I was losing too much detail for my liking iirc), but this should be good enough. The native 1080p elements (eg text overlays) needed AA and then I also went back and scene filtered scenes (or parts of scenes) that set off my autism when I watched during my QC pass.
XDCC sometime later