Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni… – 01 [BD]

PAS: shitty basically H shows is (almost) all we do.
We didn’t like Otaku Da’s translation so we’re redoing it with an original tl and blurays. Kudos to the kind anon who bought the bd for us. Cut version coming sometime later.
MiA 01 BD coming REAL soon, hopefully, unless the second encode isn’t good enough. It would’ve been done already but the first encode we did needed changes we didn’t account for or something and encodes take some 30 hours to complete.
720p only. Details after the break if anyone actually cares.
Uncut: Torrent
Cut: later
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Update on Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni… BDs

If you didn’t already know, a kind anon donated $60 for the bd plus a dollar or two extra. In an effort for complete transparency, we have since bought the BD for approximately $57.78 USD and tipped the person we sent it to to rip the remaining $2.22 plus an additional $2.78 out of our own pocket. Thank you kind anon! Our guy’s uploading the bdmv for us now. We hope you all look forward to our releases!

Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita. – Batch

On right: Our translator when they heard about the new Death Note movie.
It’s finally here! Sorry for the wait.
We’ve been asked a couple times now to sub Souryo to Majiwaru and our tl actually wants to do it but we don’t see the point in subbing it off the uncensored webrips when the bd is now out. If you want to crowd source the cost of the BD (currently ¥ 6,568, or ~$58.735 USD via you can do so via debit card [link removed] with Square Cash, or if you’d rather donate via Paypal, hop on our IRC channel or leave a comment with an email you’d like to be sent a donation link to in the email field. Spreadsheet for full transparency here. Alternatively, buy it and provide us with the BDMV. Either way works and we’ll sub it with an original translation.
BD funded. Thank you kind random anon!
Patch (no support for the Unix-based patch)
XDCC triggers will be updated to reflect the batch fixes sometime tomorrow.

Tsugumomo – Vol.02

First release post on new site, HYPE!
720p only because that’s the native resolution of the anime. Use MadVR with its fancy upscaling algorithms and settings for both smaller size and better picture than the 1080p on the disk.
Recruiting translators/translation checkers for whatever either doesn’t get simulcasted (or is latecasted) or receives a God-awful official translation each anime season!
XDCC Trigger: !tsugumomo03, !tsugumomo04
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New Site & Group Info


Who knew three-letter .moe domains weren’t considered premium and therefore didn’t have premium pricing? Nevermind the fact they were still available. Badass.
Anyway, we’ll be posting updates, season picks (if any,) release posts and other random stuff on our site now. Hopefully we won’t get DMCA’d. Our server doesn’t fall under US jurisdiction but hey, you never know. The below is mostly tl;dr about stuff nobody cares about. I tend to write those a lot.
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