Raw only release for now.

We’ve had the movie since the day after the BD came out but were holding off releasing the encode until the first public raw came out because we (read: I, KoolKidsK) felt some responsibility and knew the moment a raw hit, a foreign language group would do their version translated from JP and some jackass would slap a Google Translate -> English script onto the raw, but now that a public raw has been posted, it wouldn’t be our fault anymore. That somehow makes me feel better.
Anyway, I spent 3-4 days of 5-6 hours each filtering this. Descaled to native meme res with 4:4:4 and completely scene filtered.
Please enjoy it. I’m too lazy to dig up the frame comparisons I made but I’ll include them when we release our subs. Or maybe I’ll include them later. Idk. This release was really sudden and I’m dead from work.

I have no eta on our subs but you can check the side bar on our site for status updates. We keep it up to date.

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( ^∇^)

Back with the <48 hour releases!

Edit: We forgot to include this TL note upon release:

TL Note: Episode 08 contains mentions to the “MHK Symphony Orchestra,” abbreviated MHKSO. This is a parody of Japan’s NHK Symphony Orchestra, which is commonly abbreviated NHKSO. For those unaware, NHK stands for “Nippon Housou Kyoukai” or “Japan Broadcasting Corporation” in English. It is Japan’s national public broadcasting organization, akin to PBS/NPR in the United States, BBC/S4C in the United Kingdom, ABC in Australia, and CBC in Canada.

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Holy shit, I’m so happy I can finally give this to you guys!

Based Himitsu editing this on their sickbed. 05 in the works but editor/tlc still sick and recovering (and a tad bit feeling lazy not of the state of mind to edit)

Piano no Mori’s coming. Refer to previous post. We don’t have our v3 cap yet. No eta on that, but trust me. If I could get it out already, I would.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the full email/text message/whatever on dude’s phone will probably be done for BDs. (oh, and yes, we’re doing them. vols 01 and 02 already preordered)

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Really quick notice of delay for Piano no Mori. Encode started later than usual and we just found out a couple hours ago that the audio in our cap was borked. We got a v2 cap about 30 minutes ago buuuut the cap ended a tad too early. Timer can’t time until we have working frame-perfect audio, editor can’t edit until there’s a timed script (for accurate cps,) tl won’t be awake when editor finishes to finalize the script, and I also have work tomorrow from early morning to evening. We’re waiting on our v3 cap now. Expect a 24-48 hour delay, minimum.


So, my class is over with and Himitsu’s back from vacation buuuut they’re now recovering from medical complications. Welp. I actually don’t know how long this will last. In the meantime, I’m doing everything on my end of the workload, so when they’re able to edit, they can and afterwords I can immediately QC and release. Other than that, I’m now working minimum 40 hours a week Tuesday-Saturday, so future MGS episodes might be delayed a bit if/when we catch up. Not sure how bad the delay would be yet though. Piano no Mori should be unaffected because it airs on Sunday when I don’t have work.

Also, if you happened to have bought the second Junji Ito DVD volume, get in touch with us as it comes with the OVA that we plan on subbing. Thanks.