I am the Player of my Piano
Notes are my Body and keys are my Blood.
I have played over a Thousand Tunes,
Unknown to Death,
Nor known to Life.
Have withstood Cramps to play many Tunes
Yet those Hands will never play Anything.
So, as I Play–
Unlimited Piano Works

Delay brought to you by illness. Next week should be faster.

XDCC later

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sorry for the wait, but here’s volume one at last.

A couple things to note: 01 was v2’d because upon seeing comparisons on bakashots, Beatrice was way sharper. We are now using the same anti-aliasing method as them (ie hardaa followed by insaneaa) which also reupscales the video to 1080p. Mad props to Vladdrako of Beatrice-Raws for the AA method. It really is great.

Tri-audio – Japanese, English and Spanish (for memes mostly, but also completionist sake etc etc)

The same four sub tracks as last time.

There is no accompanying Spanish signs track for the Spanish audio.

The English and Spanish audio were sourced from our own English BD and the JP audio was sourced from the JP BD.

The OP actually looks better (or at least that one scene with all the colorful shapes moving around) in the English BD so we have spliced that in.

See you in 2020 for volume 2!

XDCC: later

A little more than a year after the first release, here’s the first half of the project completed. Big thanks to joletb, motbob and Unbased. joletb has picked up QCing, thus ensuring the release is worthy of the Asenshi tag.

No patches. I forget if some episodes had new encodes but 01-04 is completely re-edited and TLCed and the ED song styling has been changed.

This is a joint with our friends at Asenshi

XDCC later

AT-X HD seemed to have better colors and didn’t have the Aimusu watermark in the corner but the quality seemed a bit worse. I’d probably switch to that if I could successfully IVTC it but I tried a bunch of things to no avail. Hit me up at KoolKidsK#8146 on Discord or #[email protected] if you’re experienced with TV caps and I’ll give you the cap if you wanna teach me. New school encoders basically never had to deal with TV caps so when we do, we’re often lost.

Also on XDCC.

ohys isn’t doing encodes of this so I thought I’d step up and do it. No, we are not subbing this. I’m already doing four (potentially five) projects this season and this one’s gonna require a dedicated typesetter for how many signs it has despite being a short.

Feel free to use this encode for your fansub, and good luck with all the signs.

I intend to do these weekly but this project is the lowest of my priorities.

Also on XDCC.

Just like I said, “next year.”

07+ might actually be next year, in 2020, for all we know. We have no more encodes and we’re not sure what the availability of our encoder is at the moment, but reworked scripts for 01-04 are finished as is 07, the last episode in box one. 07 just needs TS which is super easy for this series.

XDCC Trigger: !mia06

Base Script: Scum (Sentai untouched, basically)
OP/ED trans: Areki
Edit: motbob
TLC: Unbased
TS: KoolKidsK
Timing: motbob
Styling: joletb
Encode: joletb
QC: KoolKidsK
Special thanks: Govna