Sorry for the delay!

That does it for the first cour. The second cour airs January 2019 and we hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are and we hope you’ve enjoyed our releases as much as we’ve enjoyed making them! Thanks for flying PAS!

Pik’s going to start working on the mid-series batch tomorrow iirc. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting to be able to pre-order BDs. Why Gainax doesn’t want my money or how they’re supporting themselves until the next cour without BD sales is beyond me. Maybe their little goodies and stuff are actually selling well? Who knows.

We had a project in mind for next season, but then it got licensed. Might still happen depending on how good the official tl is. It’s a latecast but I doubt we’d be able to release before official subs anyway, especially for a first episode with all the first episode kinks.

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Get ready for higher quality EDGE!

Our BDs came in! Here’s the first episode. Descaled to native res with 4:4:4, completely scene filtered and batch scripts. OP/ED updated to official lyrics, consistent terminology and I believe the editor/tlc quickly went over the script. Future releases will be by volume. Here are the touch ups/changes I was able to find. There may be more but I wouldn’t know. Lemme know if you find any others. Other than that, the main overall difference is that there’s more grain and very, very, very fine details were better kept and I tried my best to keep both of those in the encode.

The BD volumes come with (I believe) eight page original comics which we intend to scanlate, but no promises on that.

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The last episode of the first cour aired a couple minutes ago and… at the end apparently it said that the second cour airs in January. Welp. Anyway, we’re beginning work on 12 now. Just wanted to get that out there. Batch should follow eventually after that. We kept a batch notes pad so we know exactly what needs to be fixed and it’s just a matter of doing it.